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Restaurateurs who are innovating

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The pandemic has created obstacles and difficulties for restaurateurs around the world. However, this has been an opportunity for many pizzaiolos to come up with new sales tactics and revolutionise the sale of pizzas! We are focusing on these game-changing restaurateurs.
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Automatic pizza distributors

You may have seen one near your home: these automated pizza machines that distribute hot pizzas in a few minutes or cold pizzas to be reheated at home in 30 seconds. After selecting the pizza of your choice on the touch screen, these distributors begin heating pizzas that have already been prepared and baked by restaurateurs who stock the refrigerator in the machine every day.

A pizza whenever and wherever you want!

In Spain the pizza chain Papa John’s is offering a new delivery service. You are able to order a pizza through their app or from their website and then have your order delivered to the beach, to the park or even the street - wherever you are! The chain has set up a system of ‘Hot Spots’ where you can pick up your order. Currently, there are over 100 ‘Hot Spots’ in public places in Spain, and the company plans to increase this number in the upcoming months.

Whole new formats of pizza

In addition to new ways to order pizza, consumption habits are changing and have pushed pizzaiolos to change what they offer. Arrivederci the round pizza, Ciao the cone or wrap pizza! These are surprising formats but they make complete sense when we learn that the word ‘pizza’ was a type of rolled cake in the 16th century in Naples. Today, these formats are perfectly adapted to eating on the go! Another format that makes pizza easier to eat: pizza sold by the slice or the meter, a concept that is all the rage in London and Brazil.

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