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Proud of our cooperative values to offer you the best

Maestrella is a brand of the second largest dairy cooperative in France –Eurial, the dairy division of Agrial- and is proud to manage a local production that defends the interests of not only French farmers but is also engaged in sustainable and responsible agriculture.​

This union of more than 4 100 producers is organized into several cooperatives in order to guarantee the best possible markets for their milk.

The Agrial cooperative’s responsibilities include:

  • Collecting the milk from our Cooperative-member farmers
  • Processing this milk into mozzarella and other cheeses.
  • Market these products for retail and as well as for the food-service industry under the Maestrella brand.
  • Provide a quality service to satisfy clients as well as treat our farmers with respect by paying them fairly for their work.

Agrial’s milk division – Eurial – knows better than anyone how to guarantee the origin and production method of the milk’s promotion and processing. Cooperative members are committed to responsible practices with Charter for Good Agricultural Practices for cow’s milk and with the CIFW (Compassion in World Farming) NGO which defends animal welfare. These commitments result in transparency, traceability, and safety.

The cooperative’s structure, our know-how, and our industrial tools allow Maestrella to oversee and monitor all of our milk’s processing stages. Agrial invests in sustainable agriculture and responsible food. The cooperative has even taken this one step further by implementing a CSR progress plan. It aims to preserve the earth and its inhabitants by providing healthy and safe food for all and contributing to the well-being of the company and rural regions.


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As Maestrella is a brand from Agrial Cooperative, we have strong belief that everyone count, that's why : one person, one vote.

We share the same values and ethical principles as our cooperative AGRIAL:

  •  long-termism

Offer our members perspectives and visibility on the sustainability of their farms. Collect the milk volumes of each member and promote them through our brands

  • proximity

Made possible by a sustained regional presence

  • solidarity

For members, employees, customers and partners

  • boldness

Cultivating innovation and entrepreneurship by opening up to new skills and horizons



The Maestrella brand was created in 2008 to offer professionals a mozzarella that meets the expectations and requirements of the profession.
Over the years and with the benefit of our know-how, we have proposed innovations and now have a wide range of products corresponding to the different uses of mozzarella.

Did you know that we are the number one brand of mozzarella and pizza cheese in France for foodservice, and number three in Europe? It is thanks to our expertise that we have been able to become the leader in this market. Now present in more than 60 countries - including Italy - our mozzarella is used and appreciated by professional chefs throughout the world. You've probably already eaten and enjoyed our mozzarella during a restaurant meal!

Adopted by many professionals over the years, we believe that our cheeses can benefit many more people. This is why we are proud to launch our range of mozzarella cheeses that are accessible to all! You will be able to find the mozzarella from your favourite restaurant for a meal at home, and maybe recreate that famous dish you loved!

Our expertise in foodservice has enabled us to perfect our products and adapt them to the needs of the most demanding professionals. We can therefore now offer a range adapted for home use in a 150g format, our mozzarella will retain all its qualities that have made it famous internationally.
Whether you are a professional chef or an amateur cook, our mozzarella range is ideal for adding a gourmet touch to your favourite dishes!
We look forward to sharing our tasty Maestrella mozzarella and its exceptional quality with as many people as possible!
Discover the authentic taste of our shredded cheese range soon in shop.


Discover our range

For Maestrella, every step deserves excellence.

Delivering the finest mozzarella from farm to your table happens thanks to our expertise and care at each step of the process:

  1. [milk collection] Milk is collected from our farmer members. It is then transported to the factory to be processed into cheese.
  2. [milk preparation] 48h max after being collected from ours farms, the milk is emptied into large tanks in our factories.
  3. [coagulation] In the cheese-making tanks, ferments are added to the milk. The mixture will set and form curds.
  4. [cutting] Then the curd is cut into cubes and stirred constantly and gently to separate the curds and whey.
  5. [stretching] The curds go through the stretcher at a specific pH in hot water, giving the cheese its distinctive texture.
  6. This process is generally known as “PASTA FILATA”
  7. [moulding and salting] The cheese is moulded warm then cooled in brine for several hours.
  8. [cutting] The mozzarella is shredded or diced.
  9. [packing] Our finest Mozzarella is finally packed in film under a protective atmosphere to preserve all its qualities.
  10. [tasting] Maestrella mozzarella is ready to be eaten, enjoy!