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Pizza cheese and mozzarella for all professionals

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Are you a professional and looking for a pizza cheese supplier? Maestrella, a French brand of the milk branch of the Agrial cooperative, offers you a complete range of mozzarella made in France from fresh cow's milk collected from our member producers. Thanks to our expertise, we are proud to offer you quality products with technical properties that will meet all your requirements.
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Maestrella offers you something different: experience, creativity and flexibility to always offer you the mozzarella you need.

Our R&D and sales teams are 100% dedicated to developing solutions adapted to your needs, constraints and specifications. As a professional in the food industry, we know that you have no time to waste and at the same time you have to offer delicious dishes to delight your end customers.

Maestrella has developed a wide range of mozzarellas to meet all the needs of your professionals, especially those of your chefs and pizzaiolos to further enhance your know-how.

Our mozzarellas have many qualities: high stretching capacity, smooth texture, different levels of colouring, etc.

Maestrella has the recipe for your delicious pizzas and other creative meals.

Maestrella's commitment is to be your reliable partner by listening to your expectations and developing new products.

The power of a unique know-how to produce the finest mozzarella

Passionate and close to our customers, Maestrella puts its know-how and leadership at your service by offering you full-bodied mozzarella. In order to do this, Eurial owns the most advanced means of mozzarella production in Europe with the Herbignac Cheese Ingredient Factory.

Our expertise and years of experience guarantee consumer safety, high-quality milk and mozzarella manufactured using a carefully monitored process thanks to our dedicated R&D and industry teams.

Our 2 factories based in Luçon and Herbignac are dedicated to mozzarella with a high tech process that combines quality and productivity. Thanks to our cow-milk process we produce 50 000 tons of mozzarella per year.

Our commitment is to be reliant partner for all the maestros.

We constantly strive for perfection and improvement throughout our production process in order to maintain the highest of standards.    

Maestrella guarantees each food service professional a range of specific expert quality dairy products that will enhance their know-how, inspire them and allow them to stand out from the crowd.

  • Maestrella understands the needs of the industry and uses its expertise to help professionals every day.​
  • Working side by side with food service professionals, Maestrella is able to anticipate its clientele’s needs in order to offer innovative products consistent with the market of today and tomorrow.​
  • With Maestrella, restaurant professionals trust our consistent products which produce the same results day after day.
  • Maestrella works side by side with professionals in order to inspire them and provide them with solutions to develop their business.​
  • Strong presence in the foodservice industry.
  • Renowned product expertise.

Maestrella Mozzarella: Great Quality At The Right Price, Expertise And Consistency

Maestrella offers you a wide rande of pizza cheeses to suit all your professional needs, especially for restaurants, cooks and pizzaiolos to further sublimate your know-how.

Maestrella is committed to ensuring the consistency and quality of its mozzarella.

From the farm to your restaurant, Maestrella manages the entire process to guarantee total traceability of the cow’s milk. As we oversee each step of the production we guarantee quality and consistency.

An expert in the foodservice industry around the world, the brand knows how to adapt to all conditions and demands professionals may have. In order to do this, Eurial owns the most advanced means of mozzarella production in Europe.

Backed by a large industrial expert group and a dedicated R&D team, Maestrella puts its know-how and its leadership at your service in order to offer you generous mozzarella.

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Mozzarella leader for professionals in France and already present in more than 60 countries.

Thanks to its understanding of Italian restaurant professionals, the quality of its products, its expertise and a good quality-price ratio, Maestrella has become Nº1 in the mozzarella and pizza cheese category in France. Maestrella is the leader in France in the pizza cheese market with the best recommendation score in the market.*

Moreover, Maestrella has managed to serve as a reference for mozzarella in more than 60 countries - even Italy. The brand hopes to continue its international development and to do everything in its power to expand its range of products including Maestrella mozzarella in order to accommodate all of the market’s needs.

Italian restaurant professionals recommend Maestrella mozzarella and are faithful to it.

Maestrella offers to every chef the best quality-price value to create innovative mozzarella recipes and delight your customers.

*Source: «Baromètre Notoriété et Image des marques pour la Restauration Italienne »

A whole world of mozzarella to enhance all your recipes

Maestrella develops unique and inspiring mozzarella recipes for professionals who want to stand out and enhance their creativity.

Depending on your recipes, oven and baking schedule, Maestrella will recommend the recipe that is best suited to your needs. Expertise and proximity are the keywords of the brand.

Perfect for all your Italian dishes, the wide range of Maestrella mozzarellas is used around the world in various recipes: Pita mozzarella, pasta, paninis, flammekueche, manakish, geprek bensu, gratin, Kunafa and also in Korean food.

Maestrella Mozzarella’s attributes are suitable for a variety of dishes around the world. Let Maestrella inspire your menu with international cuisine to delight and surprise your customers.

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