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Our cooperative A unique know how Quality solutions
Quality Solutions

Solutions for all your cooking applications

Maestrella offers you something different : expertise, creativity and flexibility to consistently deliver the mozzarella you need.

Our R&D & sales teams are 100% dedicated to developing solutions tailored to your needs, constraints and specifications. As a food-industry professional, we know you don’t have time to waste and at the same time you have to offer delicious dishes to delight your final customers.
Maestrella has developed a wide range of mozzarellas to satisfy all your professionals needs, especially those of your cooks and pizzaiolos to further enhance your know-how.
Our mozzarellas have many qualities: Strong stretching properties, smooth texture, various level of coloration, etc.
Maestrella has the recipe for your delicious pizzas and other creative meals.

Maestrella’s commitment is to be your reliable partner by listening to your expectations and developing new products.


N°1 in mozzarella and pizza cheese in France


A wide range of pizza cheeses for all your applications

Maestrella offers you several recipes of mozzarellas in order to satisfy the tastes and habits of mozzarella eaters all over the world.

The possibilities are endless for recipes that can be made with mozzarella. We have a large community of cooks all over the world who use our mozzarella to make Italian meals or their country’s traditional dishes.
Maestrella is an expert on mozzarella in all its forms. You are looking for pure mozzarella for your pizza. Did you know that Maestrella has much more to offer with its IQF frozen mozzarella range?

We consider the creativeness of your menu by giving you the opportunity to make many dishes with our mozzarella: salads with our mozzarella balls, appetizers with our mozzarella sticks and paninis with our mozzarella slices.
Mozzarella is pizza’s most important ingredient but it is also a unique ingredient for many other recipes!

Maestrella Mozzarella. We’re the instrument,

You’re the Maestro

Cooperative A unique know how Quality solutions
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