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Mozzarella 400g

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For home cooker

Mozzarella 400g

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Lactose free


Do you want to add a gourmet and generous touch to your homemade dishes?

Enjoy yourself and choose our mozzarella with its melting, creamy and soft texture that will bring a delicate taste of milk to all your recipes!

Made from cow's milk from our farmer members, we ensure its quality to offer you the best cheese we can make.

We're proud to offer you a grated cheese that contains no additives or preservatives to ensure its authenticity!

Thanks to its protein and calcium content, our mozzarella is ideal for vegetarians and flexitarians looking for an alternative to meat.

Practical and easy to use thanks to its 400g format, Maestrella mozzarella will become your favourite cheese ingredient! Its family size is a practical choice for families and mozzarella lovers who often use this cheese in their dishes.

The little extra: thanks to the freezing process, our mozzarella can be kept for up to a year in the freezer while retaining its properties and freshness!

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Our French mozzarella is made from fresh, high quality cow's milk from our farmer members. With French milk, we are able to guarantee the consistent quality of our mozzarella, as well as the traceability of our ingredients.

In order to guarantee the freshness of our product, Maestrella mozzarella is produced in our factory in Luçon in the west of France within 48 hours after milk collection.

We guarantee the quality of our products thanks to our know-how and our mastery of all the production stages.

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Nutritional values Chevron
  Per 100g
Energy 1231 kJ/ 296 kcal
Fat 21g
of which saturates 15g
Carbohydrate 2,7g
of which sugars <0.5g
Protein 24g
salt 1.1g


Additional nutrients :


  Per 100g
Calcium 550.0mg


Allergens Chevron


Weight and storage Chevron


Attention : Les champs requis par ce bloc ne sont pas tous remplis !

Why choose Maestrella mozzarella?

  1. Maestrella is used by chefs in over 60 countries - including Italy - for its quality!

  2. A short list of ingredients: an authentic cheese that is not denatured.

  3. Already shredded and ready to use, it is easy and quick to use

  4. Versatile: Maestrella mozzarella will enhance all your everyday hot dishes! You can easily add mozzarella to your recipes (pizza, pasta, gratins, lasagne...). It will add flavour and texture to all your home-made dishes!

  5. Practical: with its small size and hermetic seal, the 400G Maestrella bag optimises the conservation of the mozzarella and avoids waste.

  6. Our mozzarellas are made from milk from our own farmers who meet precise specifications. This allows us to offer you a quality cheese that is carefully shredded to guarantee an ideal texture and flavour.

    Our manufacturing process allows us to guarantee the traceability of our cheeses in order to offer you a quality product.