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    Our range of Mozarella
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    Eurial International 75 rue Sophie Germain, 44308 Nantes, France


    Do Maestrella mozzarella cheeses contain protein? Chevron

    Our Maestrella mozzarella are sources of protein and can serve as an alternative to meat. To find out more about the protein content of our products, do not hesitate to consult the table of nutritional values ​​which can be found on the descriptive pages of each of our products.

    Does Maestrella offers lactose free products? Chevron

    Maestrella offers lactose free products, you will find them on our website. Our dairy products are made using cow’s milk, a foodstuff composed of proteins.

    Do Maestrella products contain any allergens? Chevron

    Yes, Maestrella products contain a major allergen which is milk and is highlighted in bold in the list of ingredients on the packaging of our products.

    Where does the milk used for Maestrella mozzarella come from? Chevron

    The milk used to make our mozzarella comes from the cows of our member farmers. The mozzarella is then made within 48 hours of the milk being collected.

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