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Maestrella and its partner Dreamplus in Portugal will reveal their partnership’s success.

Since 2019, Maestrella and Dreamplus have decided to put in place a client-centered strategy with their clientele in Portugal (restaurateurs, pizzaiolos, etc.), starting with Lisbon and its surrounding areas.

Accentuated by the pandemic, this strategy aims for us to meet restaurateurs by visiting them individually with a journalist and a technical team to produce editorial and visual content which will then be published by each partner on their respective social media platforms. Maestrella and Dreamplus are determined to support their clients during this challenging time. We think it’s essential that we give them a helping hand with their social media in order to facilitate the reopening of their establishments. It’s a dynamic and authentic way to feature Maestrella’s best clients in Portugal and to obtain their testimonials on the advantages of using Maestrella Mozzarella.

Several strategies have been developed since the beginning of this partnership in order to increase Maestrella’s presence alongside the Maestro’s clientele. It’s a win-win-win collaboration for the Maestros, Dreamplus and Maestrella: Dreamplus selects and invites the best Maestros and Maestrella organises different events from professional workshops to personalised visits with the Maestros:

  • Organising professional workshops in Lisbon: hosted by Eric Riem (Teacher and founder of the Ecole Française de Pizzaiolo; former world champion of the World Pizza Tour - Acrobatic and Classic Category). These workshops are attended by 20 restaurateurs, each one wanting to learn from the Maestro. It’s a friendly moment where the Dreamplus and Maestrella marketing and sales team are able to work closely together.
  • Visiting our Maestros: encouraging customer loyalty, conducting interviews and publishing articles about our Maestros in a gastronomy and lifestyle magazine. Maestrella and Dreamplus provide our pizzaiolos with exceptional visibility. This doesn’t even include the Maestrella corporate film and photo report on their menu’s best pizzas.

The success of this partnership aids in Maestrella's entry into the Portugese market as well as its client-centered image. We would like to highlight a particularly successful outcome for Maestrella thanks to the work of Dreamplus: following the workshops with Eric Riem, we saw a 22% increase in volume and a 27% increase in sales revenue! Maestrella is highlighting its partnership with Dreamplus in its communication along with its sector media (foodservice and distribution) in Portugal via press releases. This success has also been solidified through the interview with Sergio Jesus, the sales director of Dreamplus. He spoke to us about Maestrella and how it is successful with Maestros: “What makes Maestrella Mozzarella successful lies in all of its advantages: its quality and versatility; it is a product that works well with electric, gas and wood ovens, that withstands high temperatures but also slower cooking times. All of this guarantees a fantastic final result and a balanced taste.”

"Quality products will always have a secure place in the market"

Interview with Sergio Jesus, Dreamplus sales director, found in Grande Consumo

He also confirmed that the partnership between Dreamplus and Maestrella is sustainable and a true success: “Maestrella is one of the key brands in Dreamplus’s portfolio, it has become the most important model in our sales revenue”. You can find the entirety of the interview with Sergio Jesus, Dreamline sales director, by clicking the link below. There, he discusses his vision for the market and Maestrella’s strategic importance in Portugal.

Article: “Quality products will always have a secure place in the market” - Grande Consumo

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