Mozzarella Stick 20g

Frozen Breaded mozzarella sticks

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Easy to defrost and use, these crunchy coated mozzarella sticks are ideal for salads, sarters or snacking.

Storage temperature : Frozen
Cooking : To be cooked in a fryer (2 minutes at 185°C) or in oven heated at 185°C (put the product without the packaging in the oven during 6 to 7 minutes).


  • A deliciously crunchy breadcrumbs with slightly spicy flavors
  • An alternative to other animal protein such as fish or breaded chicken
  • Easy Preparation and Cooking: pre-fried, these products are used without defrosting


Coating (52%): flour (wheat, corn), sunflower oil, water, starches (wheat, potato), egg albumen, salt, yeast, spices, stabilizer: E461, rising agents: E500(ii), E450 (i).
Mozzarella food preparation (48%): mozzarella (milk) 85%, water, modified potato starch,: E1414, egg white powder, lactose, potato starch, milk proteins, thickener: E461, salt.


5 bags

Nutritional Values

Average nutritional values per 100g :

Energy 314kcal / 1311kj
Fat 18g
Of which saturates 8g
Glucides 27g
of which sugar 1g
Proteins 14g
Salt 1,3g
Allergens Contains milk, wheat, egg.

Perfect products to be used hot  in a burrito

Burritos Mozzarella & Goat sticks

  • Preheat the oven at 180°C.
  • Prepare the sauce with fromage blanc and pesto, and keep it.
  • Put the cheese sticks during 5 minutes in the oven.
See the recipe See the recipe

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